Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Day & President Obama at My High School

This video is spot on!

Today was great! The weather was perfect and school was fun. We talked about the beginnings of WWII in American History, and we had a test in Microeconomics. And that's it! I also kinda went for a run in the park, but it was more of a walk. I'm lucky to have such a great park close to my house.

I ran into a girl I haven't seen from high school and she was kind of a douche, but that's okay - it probably has something to do with her plans to be a biology graduate student in Kansas. I don't know what part of that repulses me more. Oh, and as I was leaving I heard this conversation between a mom and her (apx.) 12 year-old son:
Mom: Andre, come over here!
Andre: I don't want to walk! (Andre's a little chubby, wielding a $300 cell phone)
Mom: Andre, you walk with me! If you don't, I'll take away your texting privileges! (I laugh out loud at this prompting a curious look from an old lady)
Andre: I don't care!
Mom: It's hot - you can't sit in the car!
Andre: It's hot everywhere!

In other news: the President came to speak at my high school today (former high school). It's hard for me describe the feeling, but I can't help detecting some irony in the idea of an intelligent public figure like President Obama choosing my high school, a place that I largely saw as a bastion of ignorance and conservatism, as the setting for his speech about progressive legislation. Simultaenously, at another St. Charles location, an anti-Healthcare meeting was being held. *sigh* St. Charles. I think it's about to thunderstorm...I love a good thunderstorm. Only a month until my birthday!

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