Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions for a New Year

I'm twenty. I've resisted it, but I can't ignore the feeling that my unavoidable transition to adult life (or something close) has begun. My resolutions for this new year aren't very much different from those of 2009, but if for fear of my encroaching adulthood, then I think this new year is going to be different, with a more serious approach. Bad sentence? I've long feared (since senior year of high school) that my writing has become less effective at expressing my feelings, so I'm going to factor it into my New Year's resolutions.
It seems like a lot of people focus on one big goal. This year I'm going to exercise every day! This year I'm going to give up caffeine! I'm going to read at least one novel a month! All good ideas, but when I've set those goals for myself, I've found that ...I fail. SO. This year, I'm going to make up plenty of little goals that I make a little progress on every day. If I fail at one, then I have several others to distract me from the failure. Here's my list:
1. Eat 4 fruits and 3 vegetables every day. (This is one that I'm worried about, but I did improve in 2009)
2. Drink 3 cups of tea every day. (I really don't want cancer.)
3. Spend more time outside.
4. Go to campus every day and read the NY Times. (It's free on campus, I have no reason to be uninformed)
5. Spend 15 cleaning every day. (I usually clean once a week, by which time my apartment is halfway to becoming an episode of Hoarders.
6. Use more olive oil. (It's good for you! And I have a big bottle than I never use.)
7. Take more pictures and print more pictures.
8. Be more organized.
9. Write 2 letters a week. To anyone.
10. Write more. Period.
11. Listen to more classical music.
12. File all of my receipts. (And possibly Excel my living expenses, but I don't want to get too ambitious.)
13. Think about sex less. (going to a new school and being alone has definitely kept my right hand warm.)
14. Limit myself to one latte per week.
15. Practice music once a week.

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