Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Living In a War Zone

Today I had a thought: How strange it must be to live in a country that has war on its border, or even worse, within its border.  When it first occurred to me, it felt like a breakthrough, but the more it sits in my mind, the more stupid it sounds.  Think of how many movies I've seen, how many articles I've read about war, and this is just now becoming a thought?  I even went to Israel, a country whose continued existence owes thanks to state-sanctioned violence and oppression.  How nice it is that I live at this time in history and in a country where I am relatively very safe.  As long as I am not hurting anyone or threatening anyone (physically, or otherwise), I could do whatever I want to do with myself, provided I have the resources.

I've been having weird dreams lately, like some with familiar faces that I haven't seen in ages, all saying things that bother/anger me. Mostly it's just me seeing them and being excited. It's usually that I've walked somewhere unfamiliar. I think I'm lost but then I see them and become hopeful. But when I try to talk to them, there's something so fundamentally different about them that I have to question whether or not I truly have stumbled upon someone I actually know, or an impostor.  It usually wakes me up.

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