Friday, July 17, 2009

I got a job!

Hey, things are looking up! Today I went to a job interview in Columbia for a position in the university bookstore. Success. I took a sandwich with me for lunch and ate in the little park across the street from my future apartment building. I'm really excited about having my own space, though my only furniture for a few weeks is going to be Rubbermaid bins and an air mattress. It's like camping!... I had been figuring out my theoretical monthly expenses (effective procrastination activity) by planning to make $7.00 an hour, but I'm getting 25 cents more...per hour... which means... I don't know what it means. I won't even get my first paycheck until halfway through August.

I only have two more weeks to finish my Middle Eastern studies class. It's really not so bad, but I'm still putting off reading An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology. Ugh. When I was at Mizzou today I picked up my ID card before stopping by the library. I recruited a librarian to guide me through Mizzou's search engines. I mentioned that I was from Truman and she gave this, "Oh! Truman!" response... but oddly, she's one of a few people who've said anything at all. I'm so impressed with Mizzou. Every thing. I try not to beat myself up for not going to Mizzou to begin with. I'm excited about the new Harry Potter film. Joey said the ending was weird, but I don't remember how the book ended, so I won't be expecting anything. Probably for the best.

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